Our mission is to empower nonprofits to do more - be more - and ultimately make a bigger difference in the world.

Our ethos embodies the beliefs we hold fast to - encouraging nonprofits and the fearless leaders within - to draw lines in the sand and choose to go bigger and dig deeper than the status quo that's been set forth for decades. Are you with us?


core belief #1

This isn't about you.

Your nonprofit exists to further a cause; solve a problem or provide relief to someone else. So let's keep it there. We are firm believers that the organizations that are too busy talking about themselves are leaving their donors on the sidelines and their impact in the backseat. By all means share your mission (and do it really well - see below) - but do so through the lens of those who make it possible - your donors.


CORE belief #2

Give real value to donors.

You have shareholders in your organization - they are the donors who fund your organization. Treat them like investors; communicating like insiders and keeping them on the forefront of impact - showing how their gifts translate into meaningful, value-added benefits and they'll keep coming back. The value you can provide is in the form of showing the good they create.

CORE belief #3

Humanize + Tell a great story.

Become a master storyteller of your mission. Your ability to connect people; humanize your cause; and explain why it matters; why anyone should care are the organizations who will cultivate an audience of rabid fans (see below).

CORE belief #4

Steward relentlessly.

The old adage of how to frame a speech: tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them. Yeah, that for stewardship. But be relentless. When you think you've shown impact and said thank you enough - do it more. Fight to be top of mind to your investors/donors and your organization will be top of mind to them.

CORE belief #5

Grow. Disrupt. Adapt. Repeat.

Standing still used to work like a charm - today it's near certain fate. Always grow and improve your work, adapt your tactics - never fearing to disrupt as you change. Then repeat. Maintaining status quo is the sure fire way to tap out over the long haul. Innovate. Take calculated risks to expand your ability to impact and engage your donors.