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We believe employee giving holds the power to change everything.




Employee giving transforms the philanthropic culture of an organization from the inside-out...we know because it happened for us.

It began at our statewide hospital system renowned for its giving back to the community; but the predominance of the workforce didn't even know its own hospital was a non-profit. In fact just 310 employees of 9,000 were giving back at the time. And then it all changed. Insert a disruptive, strategic campaign that would grow to become the largest healthcare employee giving campaign in the state now welcoming more than 3,000 employee donors annually and raising nearly $1 million dollars among its supporters. But the real story is behind these numbers of rapid growth. It's a story of belief in the mission - belief that philanthropy at any level matters - and belief that each of us could play a meaningful part in that transformation. But not just any campaign does that organically - it has be designed to scale and implemented in a way to maximize a movement.


“A culture of giving back is not only one of the most inspiring ways to engage employees, it also offers something even better than engagement: worker passion.”

Worker Passion: How A Culture Of Giving Back Inspires Something Better Than Engagement


How passion fuels an employee campaign movement? 

In the end, employee giving isn't about dollars raised or even about participation numbers. The reason why you should always start here is because employee giving cultivates passionate investors of your mission - those at the very heartbeat - who can experience then translate how philanthropy impacts meaningful change.

When just one of these employee-donors sees (and then believes) in the power of their own philanthropy, they become mission partners with you as you cultivate donor referrals, identify meaningful fundraising priorities or simply build your fundraising efforts and pipeline. No longer are you a staff of few. You are mobilizing an army. A movement of many whose passion fuels the potential to change everything - resulting in growing your donor pipeline, fundraising production and impact.


The Employee Giving Campaign Masterclass
Launching Spring 2019

Our flagship, step-by-step curriculum and interactive community will help you design, launch or elevate your employee giving campaign to the next level. .

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