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“the EGC Masterclass was a fantastic resource for our organization as we continue to shift into a new corporate culture that embraces employee gift support. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to begin an employee giving program or enhance the one they already have.”

Corey Camp, Annual Fund Director
Good Samaritan Society / Good Samaritan Foundation


The most comprehensive online training and community to grow your employee giving efforts.

The Employee Giving Masterclass is a three week, six module online interactive workshop where we share a scaleable blueprint for employee giving success at your healthcare organization. You’ll be equipped to to strategically create, launch and grow an employee-led movement of philanthropy, engagement and impact.


Your blueprint for cultivating a best-in-class employee giving campaign at your healthcare organization.



The EGC Masterclass includes six modules of video content laying the groundwork of employee giving fundraising strategies with actionable, specific steps for implementing a successful employee giving campaign for your organization. Expect action-oriented inspiration, helpful tools, resources and ideas to light your fire.



Our Masterclass also includes a comprehensive guidebook with worksheets, guides and all digital slide content to maximize your time and get you started on the right footing to create your own best-in-class campaign. Expect helpful guides to get you started, easy and relevant steps to point you forward.


“ One. It's a powerful number. It's how many people it takes to change the employee giving culture at your organization. If there is ONE class you are ever going to participate in, this is the ONE for you.”

Ben Macintyre, project manager
st. peter’s health - helena, MT



6 Modules to Jumpstart Your Success


Module 1

The EGC Roadmap

An overview of the mindsets and methods needed to approach your employee giving campaign in a way that supports long term scalability, leverage and engagement. This module creates the baseline from which our entire campaign blueprint takes shape. Here you’ll begin developing your goals, timeline and objectives for the modules ahead.

BONUS RESOURCE: Working Campaign Timeline (an editable document that becomes the cornerstone of your planning efforts)


Module 2

Building the Framework

We breakdown the core components of a successful campaign framework with focus on the core three: people, projects and processes. With each we train you how to apply it to your unique organization.

People: we explore and help you identify the key relationships and stakeholders you to engage and what to engage them around to ensure future success.

Projects: we break down the way to find compelling fundraising projects, write cases for support and build in the processes to ensure spending and stewardship happen in way that maximizes your results and retention rates.

Processes: breaking down the nitty gritty details that need to be working to execute a scaleable, high-impact campaign. We outline core processes, plans and ways to ensure your campaign is setup to win.

BONUS RESOURCE: Project Brief Template (the ultimate cheat sheet for developing a case for support using our simple guided questionnaire)


Module 3

Campaign Brand

This module is all about building a scalable, beloved brand for your campaign to set itself apart and have incredible staying power over time. We discuss what makes an iconic brand and how to stage an entire campaign’s core branding elements for less than $100.

Your brand encompasses visual, written and spoken communication - so we talk through best practices and give applicable resources to empower you to create your own best content. This module also dives deep into crafting and telling your unique story. We also teach you ways to draw out powerful testimonials from your own employees to make the campaign personal to your organization.

BONUS RESOURCES: Telling a Story Guide & Templates for writing stories, Top 7 Interview Questions to Humanize a Story


Module 4

Staging Your Campaign

Arguably the most important way to hedge your success is to make sure you launch your campaign correctly. This module breaks down a methodology for staging your campaign in the right way to ensure the most amount of momentum at the launch and setting the right campaign targets.

We teach securing matching gifts to incentivize action - and so this module includes the framework for identifying a matching gift partner and how to ask for it. We also unpack the key steps in bringing your leadership on board with the campaign and leveraging this group to seed fundraising efforts. We dive deep into the methods for increasing donor retention and ensuring you bring back your donors year-after-year through best-in-class stewardship.

Incentives and premiums can provide motivation and opportunities to grow your campaign or they can also tank your efforts completely - so we guide you through identifying and sourcing the right incentives to match your engagement goals.

BONUS RESOURCE: Auxiliary Matching Map (a planing tool for approaching your volunteers - or others! - for a matching gift)


Module 5

Leading Your Campaign

Your campaign success hinges on your ability to inspire and mobilize your bench of campaign volunteers. Despite this, most development shops are understaffed and employee giving campaigns are often spearheaded by a team of one. This module is all about how to prioritize your campaign leadership tasks - what to track, who to mobilize and where to focus your precious time.

We provide you the resources you need to logically plan your campaign operations - from a master checklist to setting up your campaign HQ with a plan of the right reports to be reviewing to ensure you focus on the right aspects to maximize your success.

We also lead you through building the right bench of volunteers for your campaign and your organization. We define the core roles of volunteer leadership and what and how to mobile them to maximize your impact.

Asking employees to give - the art of employee giving solicitation - is laid out in a bulletproof presentation formula that will turn skeptics into passionate donors. Our plan is ready to be customized to feel like your own.

Finally this module spends time exploring how communication strategies enable you to build momentum, urgency and connection to the campaign. Expect this module to be your playbook that you’ll reference throughout your campaign to keep you on course and inspired to keep fighting the good fight.

BONUS RESOURCES: Launch Checklist, Bulletproof Presentation Formula and the Simple Six Volunteer Training Guide


Module 6

Beyond Your Campaign

If you haven’t realized by now - employee giving is not a means to an end by itself - it’s the beginning of something much bigger. When you engage your employee base in pure philanthropy, you unlock unbelievable potential for building upon your successes. This module introduces the ways to parlay employee giving into year-round fundraising momentum beyond the walls of your organization.

We introduce best practices of using social media, crowdfunding and intertwining employee giving into your direct mail outreach and planned giving programs. Outside of using employee giving for leverage of other solicitations, the infrastructure you create though this process will carry your entire operation forward by creating a rhythm of impactful stories, stewardship and deeper relationships across your organization.

We talk through the best ways to analyze and share your results, benchmark your efforts and continue employee outreach throughout the year. This module syncs everything together and gives you the framework for extending your results beyond.

BONUS RESOURCES: Impact Brief (the complement to the project brief to track and report stewardship successes), The Best 10 EGC Survey Questions


Meet your EGC Masterclass Instructors

Jonathan McCoy, CFRE +
Becky Endicott, CFRE

Jonathan McCoy, CFRE

Jonathan McCoy, CFRE

What began as a simple plan to disrupt a lackluster employee giving effort at Oklahoma’s largest healthcare system resulted in creating a best-in-class program that has experienced 10x growth, raised millions of dollars and mobilized an army of engaged caregivers. The success of this unique employee giving campaign approach led Jon & Becky to share their development process with peers across the country at industry conferences, webinars and live events. While connecting with development leaders across the country, they continually spoke to the need for a comprehensive, accessible training on something cornerstone to a thriving nonprofit healthcare system: employee giving.

Enter the EGC Masterclass - Jon and Becky have compiled original comprehensive curriculum to teach the methodology, mindsets and actions required to grow a successful, game-changing employee giving campaign at your own organization. The EGC Masterclass officially launched in early 2019 to more than a dozen healthcare organizations. These trailblazers are implementing tactics learned into their own organizations, resulting in gains in participation and dollars raised. We hope you will join us next!

Becky Endicott, CFRE

Becky Endicott, CFRE



“I just wanted to reiterate how helpful and inspiring your masterclass was… We launched our family campaign on February 25th and so far our participation rate has increased by 36%! You both do amazing work and the world needs more of you both!”

lisa marinis, campaign officer
scarborough health network foundation - ontario




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